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Rochester Hills, MI

The eldest son of a historian, I’m interested in the architectural artifacts and geologic history of the West. As an explorer, I use the lens to further my examination of interesting man-made and natural subjects. As an artist, I’m interested in the effects of the passage of time on a geologic and a human scale.

Sweeping western vistas, quirky artifacts & architectural details highlight my fine art work. Whether photographing patterns of wind and water in a desert canyon or the textures of a faded ranch, my visual commentary echoes the politics, history and cultures that collided in Westward expansion. Each image invites the viewer to imagine her own story in the things we've left behind.

I am also available for portraits, events and assignments. With a degree in Visual Communication, my design experience adds a layer of expertise not usually available from commercial studios.

Areas of Expertise

Fine Art Photography
Portraits, weddings, events
Photographic Post Production
Print and Interactive Design
Video Production

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