Dalmdad Landscape Photography

Santa Ana, California

What on Earth is a "Dalmdad" and why should I buy my landscape photography from one?

Steve, your photographer, is Dalmdad. Dalm, of course, is short for Dalmatian and Lucy is our Dalm. Lucy's profile is our business logo.

Dalm has been taking pictures for over 30 years and took roughly 6000 frames in 2006. He also drove almost 1500 local miles throughout central California in search of the photos we bring to you.

For most of those years, Dalm relied on a Minolta Maxxum slr, Kodak film, and the local Photomat. Times have changed. After a head-to-head challenge between film and digital during our 2001 trip to Alaska, the film camera was packed away and never used again. Today Dalm relies on a Nikon d70s dslr, Compact Flash, and Adobe Photoshop CS3.

In the short time since going pro, Dalm has had requests to use his images for textbooks, print magazines, travel signs, and two issues of Shmap.

Areas of Expertise

Landscape photography and candid wild animals.

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