Fused Glass Creations

Ferry Building Art and Craft Market, San Francisco

I am now offering my photography, photo editting, compiling, layout & bookmaking services to anyone in need of such a thing. I know how time consuming it can be so if you want to make a very special gift for someone or yourself, as an artist I can help you with this task.

I've been a full time fused glass artist for 19 years & prior to that worked in the corporate interiors realm for 17 years.

In 2004 I began photographing most of my glass creations for personal reflective purposes. It was then that I discovered Blurb and found the finished results to be surprisingly professional. I've made dozens of books for myself, friends & family.

You can find my work here on Blurb & my Etsy shop www.Etsy/shop/FusedGlassByDana. Unique jewelry and night light designs are my specialty. I enjoy working with quality materials such as 14K gold, sterling silver, Swarovski & natural crystals, laboradite, seraphinite, moonstones. My true love is cloisonne enameling on fine silver.

Areas of Expertise


Creating the ideal work of art.

Whether it is a book, an interior space, a piece of fine art or jewelry I make sure that it shines physically, spiritually, emotionally... otherwise why bother?

Professional Affiliations

San Francisco Art in Public Places celebrating 43 years. SF Street Artist since 2004 as sponsored by the SF Arts Commission.

Books by Fused Glass Creations