Dan RiiS Grife

Coupland, TX

Growing up in New Mexico I always knew I would spend my life making art. After receiving a BFA from the University of New Mexico, I went to work in theatre as a sceneographer and set designer. I eventually started painting and printmaking full time. My work has been exhibited internationally.

Ideas are always executed in series. Each new body incorporates elements and techniques from previous efforts. My current compilation has taken several years of intensive study and labor to complete. The Tanakh Series draws on the varied cultures of my native state. Echoes of Spanish colonial iconographic image-making and a rich southwestern palate mingle with traditional copper-working techniques to create a depth of field that portrays the vast landscape and noble character of my subjects.

My bookbinding work has been collected by lovers of quality books all over the nation. My hand printed and bound limited edition of Agadot Ha Tanakh (Legends of the Bible) and my book “Birds of the Sky” are

Books by Dan RiiS Grife