Darren Gust

Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

I live in Edmonton, Alberta (Canada) and have been photographing the world around me since 1990.

I am intrigued by the visual stimuli surrounding me and believe anything can be photographed. Photography is usually an intuitive process for me and I Iet myself go with the flow when I see a subject or scene that I feel deserves to be photographed. I am greatly influenced by other artistic mediums, especially music, another passion of mine in which I participate. As mediums of expression, photography and music have many parallels in their reliance on the use of rhythm, tone and colour to make a final piece successful. I believe that the physical printed photo, be it an art print or in book form, finalizes the process of what I am attempting to communicate.

Ultimately I am attempting to convey the essence of my subject matter and hope to articulate this through my photographs. In a sense I am always listening with my eyes.

Books by Darren Gust