David Behar Perahia

Gloucester, UK

David Behar – Perahia is a French - Israeli artist working mostly within a site specific approach. In his work he is researching the notion of place to discover the layers that compose a local context. During David’s processes he asks questions on the physical process of active perception, the participative “spectator”, and the appropriate use of materials for a given situation. David’s interventions in site/place/context achieve to convey anew people’s perspective about their locality and welcomes to establish a strong sense for a place. The context of his recent work ranges from the social-cultural-historical to the natural-phenomenal. David approaches art from different fields of practice: Physics, Chemistry and Architecture, a multi faceted background that manifests a unique way to curve out meaning from a given situation. David has recently completed his PhD research thesis in the field of Architecture where he conducted his research under a Fulbright scholarship.

Books by David Behar Perahia