David Frantz Cameraman Inc

Mount Pleasant & Fairfax, South Carolina

I am a photographer and videographer, an editor of both still and motion pictures, a designer of pages and books. My clients require personal attention to their photography and video needs. I produce commercial and special interest videos and books published online, on disc, and in print. Books can be from my photos or existing photos after editing. I freely share my 20+ years experience as a wedding, event, and portrait photographer, a videographer, and an instructor, continually incorporating creative new ideas and approaches.

Areas of Expertise

Event video and photography, portraiture, simple production planning, script writing, lighting, cinematography using HDV format camcorders & digital SLRs, Mac based editing softwares, photo editing with Lightroom, and creative work with Adobe Photoshop. I am a flexible and easy to work with professional. My personal favorite is dance photography.

Professional Affiliations

Charleston Bridal Association

Books by David Frantz Cameraman Inc