DeAna Babette Danzy

Atlanta, GA, USA

Self loving style diva, seeker and life coach... I'm cultivating a lifestyle that allows me to live my best life and sharing that with the world. Helping others get out of their own way to find "IT." I am a free thinking expressionist and influencer of goodness and authenticity. I am spiritually awaken breaking through the darkness as I am being used as a light by God. I muse about life because my thoughts run so deep I don't mind sharing... Because it's God moving through me not me. I have a deep understanding in life you must to loose everything in order to gain everything. To loose who you thought you were, mostly based on others to gaining all that is truly you and your authentic self. Joy filled and Happiness overload! Walking to beat of my own drum with guided instincts... As I am validated, confident and self-assured allows no one to impeded what God has set in my soul.

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