Dan Daulby

Richmond, BC, Canada

Dan Daulby’s work is an exploration of contrasts: the enduring contradictions within the human spirit and the ironies of our existence. In work that is at once stark yet rich, one finds unsaintly saints, angels like devils, bloodthirsty “religious” warriors, faces shaped by duality, masks that reveal, threatening doodles. Daulby draws comparisons between ancient and modern man and sees a grim similarity. And yet his work also highlights that which transcends, with colourful skulls brimming with life, and images of mothers and children hidden amongst the darker truths.
Daulby embraces bold colour, makes effective use of black and white,
or chooses to combine both. Fantastical, grotesque, yet human and real, the artist has created a body of work that can justify the juxtaposition of apocalyptic images with the symbolic dove of peace: his is a complex artistic vision that ultimately doesn’t deny our innate need for hope.

Welcome to the journeys of Dan Daulby.

Books by Dan Daulby