Brian Henderson

Santa Rosa, CA, USA

I have long been terrified and impressed by horror movies and I grew up watching anything I could get my hands on. The makeup, lighting and sense of fear they create have always fascinated me. One of my favorite movies was George Romero’s original black and white “Night of the living dead”. I was blown away by how simply it was made and yet how it still had this terrifying effect. That always stuck with me growing up. I wanted to do that with photography, I wanted to create photos that people would be scared to look at or at least wonder in the back of their head if it was real. When I picked up my first Polaroid “pro-pack” Camera many years ago it all finally clicked.

I gradually created a style all my own, unlike anything I had seen before while still borrowing techniques and methods from directors and photographers that work in the horror genre. I decided that the only way I could create photos that truly invoked a sense of fear and brutal realism was to go back to basics.

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