Steve Deckert

E. Peoria, IL USA

Steve Deckert became involved with car audio in 1990 as a salesperson and custom installer. By 1993 he had gone solo creating several IASCA winning systems and marketing his own line of Subwoofers. In 1994 he tooled up a speaker reconing business where he scratch built cone kits for 1000's of obsolete drivers. At the same time he got into commercial audio specializing in Dance Club systems. In his spare time he worked on his own line of loudspeakers and tube amplifiers for the home. In 1996 he took the business online under the trademark DECWARE. Since then DECWARE has become one of the most respected companies in hi-end audio with over 10,000 customers in 54 countries.

You can follow his work and read over 100 articles on hi-fi from his web site: