David de la cruz sanchez

Naples, Barcelona, Madrid

David De la Cruz was born in Madrid, he lived some years in Barcelona and currently lives and works in Italy.
His passion for photography began when he was very young and in 2004 he decided to attend the school of photography ‘’Keltia’’ in Madrid. Later, he studied three years at IEFC (Istitut d’estudi fotografics de Catalunya) and he attended several courses on digital post-production and 3D.
He participated in a Worldpressphoto workshop with Gustavo Cuevas.
At the beginning of his career he worked as a photo retoucher for the company ''Preinpresion 2000'' in Madrid.
Later, he moved to Barcelona where he participated as a film school CECC and film production ‘’Divine’’ photographer in several documentaries, short films and music videos.
He realized backgrounds for the film production ‘’Petroblanc’’ online series.
He participated in the documentary film '' '' on Amazigh ethnicity produced by ‘’Nomad Cam’’.
David works as a freelance photographer and social documentary artist.

Books by David de la cruz sanchez