Delinda VanneBrightyn

Taos, NM

Sculptor, Delinda VanneBrightyn, works in kiln-formed glass and bronze to create contemporary figurative and abstract works which speak of life, growth and revelation.

Beginning at age 14 with a career in the performing arts, VanneBrightyn has graced the stage with such extraordinary talents as Gene Kelly, Bob Hope, and Ginger Rogers. When an auto accident abruptly ended her performing arts career, Delinda re-emerged into the world of visual arts. She gained recognition as a fiber artist and then moved on to glass as a primary medium in 2003.

Today she works in the rigorous processes necessary to render her work in sculptural kiln-formed glass, utilizing a combination of pate de verre and solid glass casting techniques. Her work is clearly influenced by her past career in dance, as the work has been called "graceful", "moving", "powerful" and "deeply rooted with meaning and intention".

Books by Delinda VanneBrightyn