Don Finkeldei

Santa Fe, New Mexico, USA

Don Finkeldei has lived in Santa Fe, New Mexico since 1982. His formal education is in the sciences (physics and electrical engineering) and art. Prior to 1982 he worked for several corporations in many different capacities from technical science to upper management. Working half his life for corporations and half his life as an artist was always Don’s intention. His interest in art was a comfort and personal joy while pursuing a career in corporate life. Then, in 1982, he made the move to Santa Fe, switched hats and pursued art full time. He’s an accomplished sculptor and painter. Don is mostly self taught in painting, although, he is influenced by many friends and acquaintances who are noted artists --- and many outdoor painting foray’s with them. His largest aquisition is the Berlin collection, which consists of more than 60 paintings and sculptures.

Books by Don Finkeldei