David Geer

Sydney, NSW, Australia

David Geer was born with the sound of mainline UK steam services in the distant background. As a child he was taken to the seaside by double headers (2 steam locomotives pulling extra full Bank Holiday specials) and his holidays were also spent at the seaside having travelled there and elsewhere by trains; steam on the main line and local electric services. His schooling featured friends with large train sets and/or fathers on the railways. Close friends went to work in rail infrastructure.

Photographing things since childhood he now embraces the advantages offered by digital imagery, especially in the number of photographs it is possible for an amateur to take and present in a printed or finished form. The Photo Book is in his view the ultimate means of presentation.

David has travelled extensively and eventually came to realise that if you work for a railway, you can travel whilst working, instead of in order to work when you arrive. Thus, he now drives electric trains in Sydney,

Books by David Geer