deleigh hermes

san marcos, tx

i grew up all over houston and eventually moved to where i belong.. the austin area. such a creative, wholesome, and beautiful place.. it gets my brain going..
i have one more year in school.. next december! i am getting my degree in digital and photographic imaging. photography is one of the only things that completely captivates me. im in love. people always ask me what im going to do when i graduate. what are you going to do with photog? thats something that you cant just answer, it has to just happen. i work hard at what i do, so i will be patient and wait.
currently, i teach photography to high school students for an after school program. its interesting bc i never really thought about teaching, but i just fell into it, and i love it.
well, thats it for now... if your interested in more, i have a web site coming up soon, so keep a look out!

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