Laszlo Oerdoegh-Diabolus

Stuttgart, Germany, BW

My artistic activity is an integrated part of a wider carrier. It is nourished by more than thirty years of professional experience gathered in such different fields as industrial design, computer graphics, virtual reality and ergonomics. It has multiple influences on my art. Firstly, owing to years in software production I have developed several new techniques that can be roughly classified as mixed media. On the other hand, industrial scenes, structures and objects have become substantial parts of my artistic language. My industrial experience has helped me to a deeper insight into the entangled economic and political connections that are the propelling forces of our world. I've got a vivid picture of the looming problems that may lead us toward a sinister future. It is my main concern as an artist to call the public attention to questions where further thinking and searching for solutions is needed.

Books by Laszlo Oerdoegh-Diabolus