Frederick Pirone

Tampa, Florida

A personal interest of mine is looking for truth in what I
have come to believe in terms of spirituality, the after life,
and the life in the here and now. In this sense, I am
always chasing the Divine in order to understand the
world around me. In particular I am interested in the
metaphysical and epistemological questions as found
within the field of theoretical physics that deal with
causality, determinism and the true nature of physical law
as these topics are associated with the ideas of
synchronicity, determinism and randomness of nature
and the universe in order to determine whether there is
any intent behind the creation and the formation of the
cosmos. In this regard, I am very fascinated in looking at common patterns throughout
nature and the universe and to deconstruct the contrived notions and cultural
understandings of human existence in order to find what is real.