Jacquier-roux Dimitri


Over the past few years, I have traveled through Laos, Burma, Nepal, and Cambodia as well as across India, where I have been living for the past five years. I voyaged through Rajasthan with its faces burned by the wind and sun and Ladakh, a region lost in the clouds situated at the edge of the Himalayas at 3500 meters altitude.

These images are the physical traces of the serenity and love still expressed by those few communities which rest intact, within the confines of their landscape, despite globalization. After our furtive passage through these ethnic and religious communities, aren’t we envious of this free and simple life?

My work with photography is a continuous search for pure, unspoilt souls.

I travel the world in a quest for the lost smiles of children, for the proud and fierce looks of the aged, for the expressions of kindness and generosity of women – all emotions lost by our societies.

Through my work I want to express the notion of time, a time suspended; time

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