J D Poore

Springville, Indiana, USA

Born and raised in Indiana. I love animals, nature, and being outdoors. My writing is inspired by my wife and family and the Father. My dream is to be a full time writer / poet and it is my hope that my writing will encourage others and bring God's people closer together.I really started seriously writing a few years ago. Going through tough times I would wake up in the morning and pray before I got out of bed and would immediately start writing things down as they came to me, expressions on paper that became poetry. As time went on I couldn't stop writing, within just a few years I have written over two hundred poems. Sharing my poems with others is a way of bringing enlightenment to them and me, and to remind people that God is there for them. Since all this has happened my wife and I have been able to buy a home and raise our 4+ children, we are very blessed, and thankful

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