Robert Dodge

Los Osos, CA, USA

Throughout his life, Robert Dodge has felt the influence of Asia. As a teenager, Dodge emulated his father's interest in eastern wisdom. Together they watched Alan Watts' PBS series on Zen Buddhism and both read Lin Yutang's Wisdom of India and China. As a young adult, Dodge spent two years of his Air Force hitch living in Japan, where the seeds of a Japanese esthetic were planted in him. In the late 1990s, he studied Soto Zen and traveled with his wife, Margaret Bertrand, to Japan, including a visit to Rinso In, the home tample of Shunryu Suzuki, founder of the San Francisco Zen Center. In 2007, the couple took lay ordination from their Zen teacher, Michael Wenger, founder of Dragon's Leap Zen Center in San Francisco.They live on the central coast of California, painting and writing poetry.

Books by Robert Dodge