Sofie Dittmann Photography & Digital Art


Sofie Dittmann was born and raised in Karlsruhe/Germany, the daughter of a visual artist. Her father was a painter and sculptor trained in the school and tradition of German expressionism. This early influence has shaped her aesthetic preferences.

Sofie prefers straight photography and will readily declare that she prefers the raw, gritty, high-contrast experimental photography and collages of the 1920s and 1930s over HDR any day. Actually, she feels that photographically she was born in the wrong era, but this doesn’t mean she won’t appreciate the advantages which today’s digital cameras and modern output methods will give you.

Sofie came to photography and digital art as a proud autodidactic, first to analog and then digital photography. She currently uses a Canon 5D Mark II as her favorite artist’s canvas and occasionally also her Epson Perfection flat-bed scanner. She travels light when on the road and typically is accompanied by a small, yet powerful, Panasonic Lumix DMC-LX5.

Areas of Expertise

Fine art photography, portrait photography, product photography.

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