Urvish Joshi

Ahmedabad, India

Urvish Joshi is a photographer by passion and a doctor - a public health professional by training

He took up photography as an art during his undergraduate years. Span of about 16 years has seen him toying around with the film-SLRs, the point-&-shoot digital cameras and the dSLRs.

Professional requirement of visiting the remote areas and witnessing the life in its crudest form helped him grow as a sensitive artist capturing the essence of human life in every form.

His widely recognized work has seen many laurels which range from several internationally acclaimed organizations to some regional ones. Apart from winning contests in several prestigious salons and photo-forums across the world, his work has been featured at London, Chennai, Kolkata, Howrah, Bangalore, Palakkad, Lucknow and Ahmedabad in various shows and exhibitions with more than 20 features in the photo-magazines like Better photography and book/music-band covers.

Books by Urvish Joshi