Jorge Trevino

Cabo San Lucas, BCS. Mexico.

From the moment he discovered the magic of being able to capture ideas and emotions, Jorge Treviño has not stopped being amazed by the world that he perceives, making it his own and expressing it through his images.

He has understood that the perception-expression process does not conclude until the ending result of it is shared and comes back to the magic world from which it came.

His images are not only “his” images, but the representation of the way he perceives them, creating his own style making shots of that which most of us are not aware of.

For him, his camera is another organ of a joyful physiology that does not get tired of seeing, looking, watching...

While observing his art work, one can’t avoid being transported to any place in mind, to a world of images and emotions.

His free spirit and passion for life and its manifestations are shown in his work as momentary reflections expressed in a continuous way.

Jorge lives in Cabo and travels the world ... and beyond !

Books by Jorge Trevino