Dirk Schmidt

Simons Town - Western Cape, South Africa

Whether its big wave surfing, shark diving with Great Whites...adventure is addictive, like the very essence of life, it runs in your veins to seek adventure in the face of adversity and discomfort... waiting to be discovered in your primordial subconcious, it leis residual in all who dare to discover the boundries of your own abilities... live life, enjoy life to the fullest and be in awe of all creation,
as Albert Einstein said..." We still dont know one thousands of a percent of what nature has revealed to us"

I believe in giving back to nature, the best way I can do that is through my photgraphy and making people aware of the species, sharing some understanding and insights to its vital interaction in the cycle of life and that all species deserve to be conserved for all generations. Part of my book proceeds are donated to enviromental organizations to further the understanding and preservation of species and their environment.

Books by Dirk Schmidt