Stephen Harris

New York

Stephen Harris and his photo editor wife, Luz-Mary live in New York.

In his photographs, Stephen Harris' primary emphasis is on using available light in actual situations, rather than posed subjects, to capture the emotion of human interaction and expression. He attempts to seek out places and events that reveal the the soul of a culture. He believes that editing and printing are an integral part of the photographic creative process, and thus continues to print his own photographs.

Exhibitions Include:

-- November of 2004, Exhibition of photographs from 'Una Noche en el “Bar El Chino”' [A Night in “Bar El Chino”] at Sala de Exposiciones, Museo Mundial del Tango (World Tango Museum), Buenos Aires, Argentina.

-- September of 2005 Exhibition of photographs of “Obra en Camino” [Work in Progress] at Erik Adriaan Vendergrijn Asociación de Amigos, San Telmo, Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Books by Stephen Harris