Dennis Slifer

Lexington, Virginia

Dennis Slifer is a writer and photographer with wide-ranging interests. He is the author of eight books about prehistoric rock art, as well as The Caves of Maryland and various environmental reports and magazine articles.

He retired as an environmental scientist in NM and moved to rural VA- where he divides his time between writing, homesteading, and traveling. He has produced a memoir plus twenty other books with Blurb since 2011, including:

- Be Careful What You Wish For: The Saga of Sow’s Ear Farm
- Ambling Around the Atacama and the Altiplano
- Sol y Sombra: Meeting the Shadow
- Art on the Rocks: The Best of the Quest
- My People Collection
- Quay's Tale: A Memoir of Monkey Boy
- Critters: A Tribute to Compassion
- Sideway Cider Squeezin"
- Marking Change: Post-contact Rock Art in the Southwest
- Curios: Collecting Eclectic
- THIS IS IT!: Strange Signs, Social Oddities
- Elder Trucks: America's Love of Old Trucks
- Dropping Far Out: How Counterculture Shaped my Life

Books by Dennis Slifer