Linwood Hart

Durham, NC, USA

I am a farmer, artist and picture framer. I grew up on a Dairy and Tobacco farm in the piedmont of North Carolina.
I love painting and I love photography. I love combing the two.
Sometimes one or the other becomes more prominent in my artwork.
My love for photography, paining and art in general began with my grandparents.
My Paternal Grandfather had a Polaroid Land Camera and took lots of candid shots. Many might consider them technically amateur and bad but I see them as lovely and beautiful. My Paternal Grandmother gave me my first camera. A very inexpensive Kodak Pocket Camera that had these wonderful little stickers you could stick on the camera to decorate it. She bought it at Jones Drug Store in Oxford NC.
My Maternal Grandparents always had wonderful old photos all over the house and always encouraged me to paint and draw.
My life seems to center on transforming those kernels of memory. I feel energy when I do this work.

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