Nick Dvoracek

Oshkosh, Wisconsin

I have been involved in photography since taking advantage of the one free class available to staff members while working at UW Stout in the ‘70’s. I taught in the Art Department at Knox College from 1977 to 1985, where I started working with pinhole photography after arranging a workshop with Ruth Thorne-Thomsen, an internationally exhibited pinhole photographer (from Door County, Wisconsin by the way). In 1992, working in instructional technology at UW Oshkosh, along with a chemistry professor, I got a grant to develop a set of lessons for elementary schools that used pinhole photography to illustrate numerous principles of chemistry and physics. That eventually led to offering summer pinhole photography classes in the University’s GOAL program for kids in 2000. That rekindled my obsession with creating photographs, since then almost exclusively practiced with a pinhole camera.

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