Pamela Hill

Chesapeake, Virginia US

I began painting almost 3 years ago as a form of therapy, never intending anyone but myself to see them. However, things rarely go as planned, and a friend of mine encouraged me to post one on a social network. I did, and was shocked to begin to receive inquiries about the work. Soon after, I was doing art shows, and am pleased to say I have won a Best in Show, 2 first place and several other assorted awards. I have been featured in 2 international magazines... and several local publications. My painting is highly emotive, and has touched many people when on display, which is one of my primary reasons for continuing to paint. I have found myself crying with perfect strangers in the middle of many shows. I feel like this is my purpose, while here on this earth. I paint because it is a great love, but the effect of the painting ripples out and touches a great many lives. That is where my true reward lies.

Thankyou so much for looking, and I hope you enjoy my art.

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