Stockholm, Sweden

The idea was born from the huge passion for Photography by wondering on the fate of it in a country known for its technological leadership; from the concern about the consequences of an exclusively digital approach heralded online; from the observation of the irrepressible reproducibility of images dispensed on the web; from the reaction to "photographic mannerism" and the mere technical canons of perfection of Photoshop; from the need to redefine the concept of "Uniqueness” and "irreproducibility "of photographic icons.

Areas of Expertise

The search for the key to the concept of Uniqueness seems inapplicable to Photography. Uniqueness, a synonymous with unrepeatable or its difficult reproducibility, may be the solution, although not the only one, to define Photography as authentic Art, non-counterfeitable. The Uniqueness as an antagonist to replicas.
The Photography, ontologically reproduced endlessly since its birth, appears currently in a state even more critical. Not only because of digital - which has modified

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