Edward Iannielli III

Levittown, NY

My son & I both share a desire to write & tell a story. I write for healing and for helping my son who is autistic. My wife & I are trying to do our best in nurturing our son, helping him to feel confident & happy. It can be a struggle sometimes as we are learning everyday. Our love is strong as we hold on to hope each and every day.
Our son, Matty is a student in middle school who loves to write during his free time. He enjoys doing kid things. He loves his mom & dad. He so wants to have friends. Writing is something he enjoys and he started writing a blog like me. He also would like to share his writings with you. He hopes one day to go to college and learn how to write books & maybe even write for the movies & television. He loves going to movies & to dream. He also is excited to share his writings with you. He hopes you get to see a little bit about what it is like to be like him. I also write to help inspire him. I'm transgender identifying as a girl since age 4 seeking treatment.

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