Emily Dolenz Photography

United States

"Emily is inspired to create images that not only speak to an aesthetic need, but also an emotive one. The images created are informed by an ambition to provide propelling, instinctive art."
Over the past 10 years, Emily has sold prints internationally to corporate and individual clients.

I find my inspiration for my photographs from the natural surroundings. I walk and take the photographs that inspire me in that moment I rarely plan out my photographs.

My father (Micky Dolenz) has always embraced the arts. From TV and film, to painting and music, he has inspired me to follow my artistic nature. I was born and raised in England and travelled between England and America for most of my life. As I experienced diverse landscapes I became motivated to find my way of expressing my particular angle on existence.

"For today was once the dream you so eagerly waited for yesterday" - Emily Dolenz

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Art Photography

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