John Hosking

Penaznce, Cornwall, UK

My name is John Hosking, i'm from the Penzance area of Cornwall.
My background is in electronics but since the end of 2003 I have been photographing classic and modified motor vehicles.
Which over the years grew and gathered pace when I joined several classic and modified car clubs.

Also from 2008 I have been joining my brother on some trips to local spots where we have taken many pictures of wild birds.
I have also done a few shoots with friends from our car club, which was a fun shoot.

When on a shoot I use a Pentax K100D, or a K-m with Pentax SMC 18-55mm auto or a 28-210mm auto Cosina lens.
Most of my shots are taken hand held as I feel a sense of freedom that only comes from hand held shots.

The trade name of "PentaxPZ" comes from the fact I use Pentax bodies and im from Penzance where PZ is the port initials, and thus PentaxPZ was born.

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