Ella Jo

United Kingdom

The seasons turn and the work challenges and delights me. Music and songs and laughter. One day I will be gone. Dust. What will remain of me? my words, my music. I cast my treasures at eternity and hope something will stick. I have learned to believe in myself.

Tarot. Believe me - it has a structure. If you are lost it will give you a framework without interfering with your beliefs.
I want peace and evolution for mankind and to get these books published for a better retail price.
Music and writing will always my passion. I advocate culture as Roerich saw it - art for the people, a colourful stimulating, inclusive world.

Gentleness is a strength - as water pours a groove through stone in the passage of time. Be gentle. It is easy to forget your forefathers - those who died of TB, in famines, in wars. Life is a gift - don't waste it dreaming or scheming. Educate yourself. Be gentle and enjoy your life.

One day I found myself, and I can't believe I got there. If I can, anyone can.

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