Chester Elmore

Castro Valley, California, USA

Art has always been a part of my life. I was fortunate enough to have been born in San Francisco, which has always been a cultural beacon for art in general but for African American Artists in particular. The social conditions of my neighborhood (Haight Ashbury) as well as the rest of the country at that time, allowed for voices to be heard that had heretofore been muted.

I was born into a Family that contained two formally trained working artists (my uncles). From an early age I made enough of a pest of my self that it became impossible for either of them to ignore my desire to learn from them. I began to imitate their works and eventually refine technique by critique and impromptu lessons. At that time there were few venues that would exhibit the work of African American Artists on par with their white counterparts. To counter this fact many of the African American Artists formed a collective to create their own venue, (The Black Man’s Art Gallery). Through my mentors I was able t

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