Elodie Khavarani

Paris - Los Angeles

Raised in France, Elodie drew her inspiration from the neighborhoods of Paris; the people, the streets, the corner cafes and bakeries. She felt communities like the one in Paris are so diverse and bear such history and energy, that it should not go unnoticed.

She defines herself as a social photographer. Her work is based on creating a dialogue and building a bridge between cultures and generations. It is that game of aesthetics designed to make us discover, learn, feel without limits and on our own time that she strives for in her photography. In that sense, she hopes to bring a smile, or a frown on people's faces.

She recently won Best of Photography 2011 Finalist in the award-winning Photographer's Forum magazine. The hardcover book, will be distributed by the end of December 2011. She has also been published on several blogs such as Lenscratch.

See more of her work on www.parisquinzieme.com

Books by Elodie Khavarani