Eric Manten

Pelzer, SC, USA

Eric Manten is a self-taught photographer who was born and raised in the south-east of the Netherlands.

Photography has been his passion for over 40 years. Starting with a film point and shoot, and later SLRs and DSLRs, his main tool currently is a mirrorless digital camera. Medium format and 35mm film photography, however, continue to be part of his creative toolbox.

Eric sees photography as a journey, with curiosity as a roadmap for exploring the world around him. His objective always has been to preserve a single moment in time, transforming the reality as it presents itself to him into a lasting impression of that reality.

Eric's job provided him with the opportunity to live and travel in Spain, Australia, and South Africa. During that time his main focus was on landscape and wildlife photography. While landscapes, urban views, and human interactions continue to be an important part of his portfolio, a shift towards photo essays and storytelling is emerging.

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