Escott Norton

Glendale, California, USA

Escott O. Norton started taking pictures at 8 years old when his dad first gave him an old Brownie camera, and hasn't stopped!

Escott is the 4th generation in a family of home developers and designers. He's drawn all of his life, and as a kid helped his father build the custom designed homes in which his family lived. Escott O. Norton has traveled all over the world in his quest to learn the essence of great design from both classical and historical architecture, to the latest in modern and green building design.

Interested in all facets of design, Escott spent his childhood building props in a local theater. He started working in the film industry fresh out of High School. In his 20's he'd worked his way up to Production Designer and worked for many years in this position creating fantasy and real worlds for films, T.V. and commercials. In the 1990's Escott decided to leave the film industry and go back to his "roots", designing custom homes.

Books by Escott Norton