Eran Shakine


born in Israel 1962
87-92 lived in New – York, worked as an assistant for the artist Carl Appel,

Selected One Man Exhibitions
1987 Givon Fine Arts Gallery, Tel Aviv
1989 Selected 43, The Drawing Center, New York
1990 Hezliya Museum, Israel 1993 Arsuf Gallery, Israel 1995 “Pools”, Artists House, Jerusalem
1997 “New Sculptures”, the Museum of Israeli Art, Ramat Gan
2000 July M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
2002 ‘Maneuverability” July M. Gallery, Tel Aviv
2003 “Domestic” Hezliya Museum, Israel
2004 “Paintings from 87 to-97“ Micky Tiroch Fine Arts Ltd. London
2005 “About love“permanent cite specific sculpture installation at the museum tower. Tel Aviv
2005 “DJ. Rabbit“comic's installationon 200 billboards on the streets of Tel Aviv.
2007 "New Works" Gravity, Tel-Aviv.
2007 "New Painting" Gallery 39, Tel-Aviv.
2008 "Sabbath Match" Gallery 39, Tel-Aviv

Public Collections
Israel Museum, Jerusalem
Tel Aviv Museum, Israel
The British Museum, London
Ludwig Museum, Germany

Books by Eran Shakine