Erin Burrough Photography

dallas, tx

I am a photographer that has become a book making mad scientist. Since I was very young I have always known I would be a photographer. And with that I took photos ALL the time. Back in the day, the prints were inserted into an "Album", which I have 40 of just my teenage years. I was always obsessed with how each photo was placed in the album, time line and photo flow. Hence, now as a photographer, have used that obsession to design, create and tell a story with photography and text. Whether it be my photography or your words and photos, I can help you tell your story.

If you only have prints, I can help. If you only have files, I can help. If you only have a vision, I can help.

Cheers to you and to books that will always be there to tell a story.

Areas of Expertise

Book making, wedding photographer, editing, design, book making teaching, bridal photography, aviation, commercial, children, maternity, art photography, pets, fashion, engagement, family/group, events, all photography used copyright Erin Burrough unless noted

Professional Affiliations

People and organizations I have worked for and/or working STILL for:

Billingsley Company
Dallas Symphony Orchestra
The Crow family
One Arts Plaza
Chiapas International
Lucchese Boot Company
The Autobiography of Mr. Deal

Books by Erin Burrough Photography