Raul Gonzales

Norwalk, California

Howdy Hey Everyone! :)

My name is Raul, I'm a College Student, and ready to be taking all sorts of photos... there is limitations behind that of course ;) But I am always exploring with my Camera.

I'm still new into many areas of photography; but that doesn't stop me for what I am wanting to do with (whenever I finish) my achieved goal to get my AA Degree.

I do sense that when sharing photos, it can motivate many other photographers out there, wither professional or amateur, but I kind of do wish to see less professional cameras by people who doesn't know how to use it and willingly to waste cash, then decides that their equipment isn't good enough for them, it kind of bugs me to a certain degree....

It is about the vision you and how you perceive it, and take that information data to consideration what it is of purpose to serve what is given to display Art.

Anyhow, if having any questions; be freely to msg me on my fan page :)


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