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A IS FOR AFRO: READING IS POWER (2012) teaches children (ages 0 to 6) not only the alphabet, but also how to read and even write. A IS FOR AFRO is the gateway to childhood literacy and the first step toward eliminating the achievement gap in reading specifically and in language arts generally.

In the classroom, A IS FOR AFRO is most effective when coupled with the EARLY-READER FUN-SHOP: http://www.excelsusfoundation.com/excelsus/Early-Reader_Fun-shop.html.

The follow-up to A IS FOR AFRO is FABLES BEFORE LUNCH (2013), a collection of four original and well-bred tales for children aged 6 and up. These tales are fresh allegories that employ simple, but complex vocabulary, common figures of speech, and themes that show affectivity and personal character.

FABLES BEFORE LUNCH is a collection of rich and figurative stories whose value lies in entertaining and educating young children to become savvy readers.

Areas of Expertise

A Is For Afro: Early-Reader Fun-shop is a national, traveling literacy exhibit. The purpose of the A Is For Afro Fun-shop is three-fold: to teach children in preschool and kindergarten the alphabet; to teach children in preschool through the first or second grade the high-frequency words and the Bibliobibulus Words that they need to know before entering the second grade; and to show all of these children that literacy is fun!

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