Mario Ferrara

Caserta, Italia

Mario Ferrara was born in Caserta in 1972, he graduated in 1998 from the Faculty of Architecture in Naples in 2002 and received his Master's Degree "The photographic representation of architecture and the environment" at the Faculty of Architecture, University of Rome La Sapienza; here following, among others, courses Gabriele Basilico, Roberto Bossaglia and Pierangelo Cavanna. He started taking photographs in 1990, after years devoted to reportage and street photography, currently mainly deals with architectural photography. It is divided between the work of photographer photography in high schools and the teaching of second-degree open-ended contracts as well as in private. He taught "theory and technique of digital photography" and "Shooting Techniques of photography Photography Master's Degree in Architecture at the Academy of Fine Arts in Naples. It carries out photographic surveys for architectural firms, public and private. He has exhibited in various Italian cities and has pub

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