fAITH Jarratt Rouse

L.A., CA

‘I’ve never really set out to create the ‘perfect’ image.

Perfection is so over-rated!

For me, photography has always been a creative expression;
a tangible outlet and reflection of
development, spontaneity, action and reaction.
Currently, it has become a tool for my architectural and interiors work and a way for me to engage culture, people, objects, and space.

Image making ‘suspends’ a moment.

Collected, they help me create a narrative for my other artistic, inventive, and strategy-oriented built work.’
-fAITH Jarratt Rouse

.lives and works in a suburbs of Los Angeles. A Minnesota girl on the inside and a Cali girl on the outside, she loves to stay close to the beach and the setting sun.

L.A.n d s c a p e s /
a Photographic Journal Of the ‘Commuter City’
Images, Illustrations and text by/
fAITH Jarratt Rouse

D F R A G D / s p a t i a l s t r a t e g i e s
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