AnnMarie Tornabene

Massy, France

I am a New York – born photographer (who now resides in France) who has spent almost two decades exploring self-portraiture. My images deal with aspects of and issues in my personal life - turning toward narrative, sometimes fairy-tale and romantic imagery that hint at contemporary ideologies.

Always performing for the camera, I set up dramas either within the confines of my studio or in isolated outside locations that make up the backgrounds of my stories. I have won several awards and I exhibit internationally. I have been reviewed in The New York Times, Newsday, and other local newspapers and have been published in fine art magazines and other printed media. Virtually, my photographs have been featured on art blogs and online fine art magazines. I have spoken at universities and artists’ groups and my images have invoked essays and prose. My work is included in several personal and institutional collections in the US, Canada, UK, Hungary and Japan.

Books by AnnMarie Tornabene