Carolyn Clarke


Carolyn's Journals
My first collection is designed for mothers to be . I have used pregnancy journals for my children and these have touched on everything from my appreciation for the blessing of my baby to my fights with nausea and swollen feet to seeing my first scan pictures. I love having these little pieces of my pregnancy to capture that special time. Faithful Bumps is designed to give you the freedom to write and reflect on your thoughts about the untold experiences of your pregnancy. It will help you gain insight into yourself as a mother to be.

Gratitude Journals
I have also kept gratitude journals and this has helped me to look back at the many blessing, no matter how small, that has happened in my life. Writing a gratitude journal is a journey where you begin to appreciate and experience what you have in your life. It helps you to focus on the positive things in all situations, which enable you to have an optimistic outlook.

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