Steve Powell

Melbourne, Australia

Born in Sydney in 1951, Steve Powell hitched-hiked around Australia with fellow musician Steven Park, who went on to hoax 'The diary of Jack the Ripper. After securing a major recording contract with an Australian recording company, Steve Powell recorded his first solo LP entitled: 'Celestial Madness', which was released throuout the world in 1974. Soon after this, Powell went totally deaf and was unable to record again. Since then, and the arrival of state of the art digital hearing aids, Steve Powell is once again recording his huge backlog of original songs. He was also the manager of a theatre for fifteen years, in which he has written two plays and a musical comedy. His new book, 'FAME OR INFAMY: The true story behind the Jack the Ripper diary', tells the story of just how the infamous diary of Jack the Ripper came to be written and how it has affected the literary world. He now lives in Melbourne Australia.

Books by Steve Powell