LInda Farwell

New York, N.Y. USA

Linda Farwell’s lifelong passion for photography began when she was given a point-and-shoot Kodak at the age of thirteen. Eye glued to the viewfinder, she explored her grandmother’s Pennsylvania garden with the intensity of the recently converted.

Thus began an adventure in photography and art that has taken her from the University of Delaware to New York’s School of Visual Arts, to London, Munich and photo shoots around the world.

It was through assisting top fashion, music and children’s photographers that she discovered her passion within photography – kids. “I just realized this was how I wanted to spend my days. There’s something about their focus, the need for things to be fun, that I love. It’s my job to find the beauty, the innocence, the joy – and have fun doing it.”

Linda Farwell lives in New York with her husband, filmmaker Doug Sadler, and their son Emery.

Books by LInda Farwell