fausin Md.Isa

Los Angeles, California. USA

Fausin MdISA is an international entrepreneur and business owner (Atmesfer, LLC ,Ltd) and Creative Officer/Art Director based out of Los Angeles, Shanghai and Kuala Lumpur.
A multilingual, designer and artist with strong local, national, and overseas reputation. Fausin graduated with specialized BFA Environmental degrees (honor) from CCS, Detroit Michigan and BFA Industrial Design (Honor) , Kuala Lumpur.

His responsibilities includes formulating and developing creative solutions to marketing problems; planning, design, managing and overseeing construction of permanent/temporary architecture, physical environment, branding, events and other related creative services.With over 22 years in the industry, Fausin is well-connected in the exhibit architecture/branding development and actively participated in many design seminars/events, art shows and design/creative competitions, both at a local and global level.

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